Drop It Like It's Hot - Weight Loss Video Training Session​ 

Already eating a vegan or a plant based diet but can't seem to lose weight? I got you.

This video training and Q&A session will last 90 minutes in total and you will receive a cheat sheet download to help you take action immediately. 

Here's what you'll get from this 90 minute
micro-focused training session
You will determine your ideal weight for optimal health. 
You will understand why you haven't been losing weight and the exact steps to take to start dropping those pounds (even if you're already eating a plant based diet). 
Motivation and support to put the information from this training into practice and start getting results. 
A Q+A session where you can see the questions posed by the live participants and answered by Molly.
Three week Drop It Challenge with cheat sheet download. If you follow along, you will see results. Period.
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