Molly's One Year Anniversary of No Hangovers​ Video Session 

There was a time when I wouldn't believe this page if I saw it. 

Me.....not drink?! No fucking way. I loved drinking. Red wine was my fave, but I would drink anything. 

One time I Googled "can I  drink wine if it smells sour" and I came across a thread where someone said "why would you drink wine that has gone bad?"

I thought to myself  "Because I don't have anything else and all the stores are closed. Duh."  

I thought their questions was weird, not mine. It never occurred to me that not drinking it was an option. 

On top of the excessive drinking, I loved to smoke cigarettes when I drank. American Spirit Yellows were my jam. 

I started questioning my drinking / smoking habit YEARS before I actually quit. I knew that eventually I would have to quit but I hated that reality so I put it off.

And I put it off. And I put it off.


One morning a little over a year ago in 2015, I woke up and I was tired. Tired of feeling like shit. Tired of my life being harder than it had to be. Tired of having no joy. Tired of going in circles. Tired of looking like shit. Tired of making excuses. Tired of feeling like a fraud. 

Here I was helping people eat better while I was trashing my own body. Nice one Mol.

I was emotionally void and spiritually bankrupt and I knew that it was finally time. I was scared as shit but I was ready. 

It's been almost a year since I've had a drink or a cigarette and I can't begin to tell you how much my life has changed.

I will give it to you real about how I quit, the struggles I had, and how I overcame them.
This is a virtual live event so you can be anywhere in the world to view.
(you will also get my 7 Strategies That Helped Me Kick The Booze Bottle to The Curb as PDF download when you purchase this session)
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